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Poster: glenn Date: Jan 31, 2005 3:19am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: quallity loss?

The disc itself will fail eventually. Most plastics are to some extent volatile, and outgas vapor continuously. The plastic of the disc itself will eventually become brittle. However it seems likely that the disc will outlast the integrity of the data layer, as the pits and lands (1s and 0s, effectively) are microscopic, and can be affected by very small changes. Keeping the disc clean, unscratched, in a stable temperature and not exposed to prolonged UV (sunlight or fluorescent light etc.) will keep the disc 'good' for 'longer'. I think 60 years would be a mid-range optimistic estimate, but you can pretty much count on at least 5 years in reality, and some will last longer. In those 5 years, make shn or flac copies for 10 people, and the music could last forever, especially if those 10 make copies.
Use discs with a good solid opaque top layer and you increase your chances of lasting longer.

I don't make audio copies myself, I listen to shns on my computer, which is effectively my sound system. When shn files turn up 'bad' I usually can replace them real quick doing a search for the md5 string for the failed track... or contact some of my friends and see if they have it.

Always share your music a lot, and it will last forever. Maybe. It will likely outlast us at least.